Thomas M. Caesar

Best-selling authors such as Danielle Steel, John Grisham, Clive Cussler, and Stephen King need not fear competition from Thomas M. Caesar. Thomas is a self-proclaimed international male sex symbol who has never written anything more substantial than an occasional Christmas letter. He lists the tabloids as his favorite reading material.

Whether for a good laugh or a buck, Thomas divulges his innermost revelations gained from his forty-plus years of living—no small feat for a man whose vocabulary is limited to mostly four-letter words, especially those words which can be expressed with an accompanying finger gesture, his preferred method of communication.

Even though Thomas’s neighbors may consider him the crazy cat lady, he has traveled extensively and considers himself fortunate to share his life’s wonderful journey with amazing people and astonishing pets. He can be spotted in his car singing duets with his country music heroes. Most of his friends agree that Thomas is a nice guy. His favorite activities, laughing and making people laugh, come easily and frequently to Thomas.

I encourage you to tap into your inner abilities to unlock your full potential. Check out my video of the song I co-wrote with Rick Johnson called Warrior from which That Warrior is based. Not bad for someone (me) whose only musical experience is singing along to my musical heroes in the car and in the shower. That’s right, I don’t play any instrument, sing, or read/write any musical notation. It’s your turn to make your dreams a reality. Remember to shoot for the moon and if you don’t quite make it, you’ll end up somewhere in the solar system.

At present, Thomas is living in Wilmington, Delaware.